Adjusting to My "New Life"

So, I did it. I did something I (and many people) have only ever dreamed of. I left my corporate job and stepped out on my own as a full-time entrepreneur. I had the very good problem of having enough work in my side hustle (because I was hustling!) that I was faced with a choice: leave my very stable, six-figure job where I worked with people I (mostly) loved and had an organizational impact, or pursue my dream of doing only the work I loved, expanding the number of people I could reach, and partnering with others who had also stepped out on faith. I chose to follow my heart.

Last week was my first week of "freedom" and I spent it traveling to/from the west coast for business development and a client engagement. The reality of my new life hadn't really set in at that point. This week, however, has been spent in my home office, out on appointments, creating proposals and SOWs, and figuring out what my new day-to-day might look like.

As I contemplated getting out of bed yesterday morning, staring at the ceiling, it hit me that no one is looking for me. No one cares what time I'm getting into an office. And I don't worry about any internal bureaucracy of any kind, packing a lunch, or planning my long commute in the morning/evening. In fact, my usual commute will be to my third bedroom which I've turned into a cool and inspiring office for myself.

Even my dog (now coworker), Chloe, has been thrown for a loop. She keeps waiting for me to leave in the morning. I'd like to think she's happy I'm home, but her gaze makes me wonder if I may be cramping her style. She's 12 years old and likely had her own routine that is now being disrupted. She'll adjust (I say as she lays at my feet while I write this). I'll adjust too. These are wonderful problems to have, and I'm beyond excited for this chapter of my life. Stay tuned, friends.

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